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Channelled Books by Peter Watson Jenkins (My Dad)
& Toni Ann Winniniger. speaking with Master Guides....



How I Died .....and what I did next


Twenty five stories, told by souls hand-picked by the Masters of the Spirit World, outline who they were and how their life ended. Some died peacefully most did not. Then they tell us what happened to them between their physical death and when they found themselves back Home on the Other Side. The stories they tell are gripping, some details of what they did after death are incredible, the whole amazing book is purposeful and uplifting. The interviewer was Peter Watson Jenkins and the souls’ responses were channeled by Toni Ann Winninger.


"Doubts and misgivings about life after death can be set aside with the gift of this special book."     

(Dr. Austin Ritterspach, Religious Studies, Indiana University)


In How I Died (and what I did next), an office worker dies in the North Tower on 9/11. A little girl is drowned in the 2004 Indonesian tsunami. A Canadian man is run over by a bus. A Vietnamese diplomat is tortured and shot. A Chinese woman dies having a back-street abortion, a drunken Brazilian playboy drives his car over a cliff. Twenty-five such stories are told by souls from all over the globe. Their tales are translated by world famous clear channel, Toni Winninger. Not everything is grim. An old French woman dies peacefully in her bed, a Greek innkeeper has a heart attack while asleep.


The souls tell us first what happened at the moment of death and then what took place afterwards, when they found themselves still alive, aware, and free from their body.  They danced through fields of flowers, met long lost relatives; two little Italian girls were too frightened to believe they had died and spent time as ghosts; a serial killer suffered the torment of a self-induced hell. Some have found work to do at Home, others have started to plan their next life on planet Earth. We have a slice of the many different things that happened to them, and find ourselves asking the question, "Is this what will happen to me?" Editor Peter Watson Jenkins wisely let this incredible look at the reality of death speak for itself. It is a life-changing book, grim in parts yet amazingly uplifting. Readers have been enthralled:


"This is one of the most wonderful spiritual books I've ever had the privilege of reading." 
(Ian Lawton, author of The Books of the Soul series)


"The book will definitely help many people heal their fear of dying and the loss of their loved ones." 

(Toh Lee Sin, Director, Love & Light Festival, Singapore)


Exploring Reincarnation


A study guide on the journey of the soul, adds new depth to the classic writings of the Masters of the Spirit World. They survey reincarnation clearly, then discusses issues relating to abortion, health and healing, heaven and hell, homosexuality, life lessons, suicide, spirit life on the Other Side, and God belief. This book is a thorough and unique guide to reincarnation. (It also incorporates the text of their Handbook.) Paperback 238 pages




Spirit World Wisdom

Miracles do happen!  Toni Ann Winninger and Peter Watson Jenkins personally attest to that fact. Since 1st August 2007 they have received a steady stream of messages, answering questions and cries for help from readers of their blog. The messages have come from, the Ascended Masters, a group of senior spirit guides on the Other Side. Toni who is a skilled clear channel psychic with a worldwide audience translated their vibrational language.

Messages from the Masters were selected for Spirit World Wisdom which is a readers' compendium of their answers, edited by Peter, a writer and hypnotist. (My Father!) He shares Toni's belief that this book will make known the wisdom of the spirit world to a wider audience. These are real messages from experienced souls who have a unique perspective of life on planet Earth. Judging from comments received from readers of the blog, the messages have frequently altered attitudes and changed lives—for the better.

The Masters' essays focus on their relationship as guides with human beings. They look at the journey of the eternal soul and explain reincarnation.  Their view of human belief systems follows, and they explain spiritual enlightenment to which we can aspire. 

Spirit World Wisdom continues with an examination of healing issues, and unveils the spirits' attitude toward the experiences human sometimes call "life lessons."  Our relationship with planet Earth is explained, as are psychic contacts and matters of interest from twin flames to serial killers. The final section of this book of their wisdom is a set of affirmations dictated by the Ascended Masters for humans to make their own.

The Ascended Masters' work of giving advice continues on a daily basis. Is the miracle in the fact of this contact with the folks back Home? That may be one, and the benefit they have already given to thousands of people is another. May we also hope that this written record will provide a continuing miracle as we read Spirit World Wisdom for ourselves.


Series: Dialogues with Masters of the Spirit World Trilogy



Talking with Leaders of the Past


The Masters’ discussion of reincarnation is followed by channeled dialogues with the souls of fifteen prominent people born in the nineteenth century: Andrew Carnegie, Winston S. Churchill, Charles Darwin, Albert Einstein, Mahatma Gandhi, Adolf Hitler, William James, Pope John XXIII, Carl Jung, Dwight Moody, Florence Nightingale, Eleanor Roosevelt, Bertrand Russell, Margaret Sanger, Oscar Wilde.

Paperback. 272 pages, £10.95  

Talking with Twentieth Century Women


Channeled dialogues with 21 prominent women: Jane Addams, Marian Anderson, Maria Callas, Rachel Carson, Marie Curie, Amelia Earhart, Ella Fitzgerald, Anne Frank, Judy Garland, Barbara Jordan, Helen Keller, Margaret Mead, Golda Meir, Carmen Miranda, Marilyn Monroe, Georgia O’Keeffe, Sylvia Plath, Selena Quintanilla-Perez, Wilma Rudolph, Sharon Tate, Mother Teresa.

Paperback 320 pages,  £12.95  



Talking with Twentieth Century Men


Channeled dialogues with 21 prominent men: Louis Armstrong, James Baldwin,Cesar Chavez, Walt Disney, Ernest Hemingway, Martin Luther King Jr., John Lennon, Joe Louis, Yehudi Menuhin, J. Robert Oppenheimer, George Orwell, Jesse Owens, George S. Patton, Pablo Picasso, Elvis Presley, Babe Ruth, Peter Sellers, Frank Sinatra, Sam Walton, Andy Warhol, Frank Lloyd Wright.

Paperback 320 pages.  £12.95

The Masters’ Reincarnation Handbook: Journey of the Soul


This is the only book you simply must have to understand the idea of reincarnation. The book’s authors are a group of senior spirit guides who live at Home on the Other Side. They know all about our life here on Earth and explain in detail how, as eternal souls, we choose a series of human lives to learn lessons and to gather knowledge. This leads to growth in wisdom and maturity. The Masters’ teaching about the journey of the soul has been translated by leading clear channel Toni Ann Winninger, whom they have chosen to be their human voice for this important spiritual publication. 

Paperback: 64 pages. 

Channelled Books
My Dearest Fathers' (RIP) Amazing Channelled Books
Interviews with souls on the other side - famous and non-famous!
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