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Revisiting painful childhood
memories and witnessing earlier events with
our adult perspective in
the ‘now’ can
be utterly transforming
The Eternal Soul‘ 
Hazel Newton

Inner Child Healing

I am Love

Inner Child Healing: 2.5 hour session £270
Current Life Regression Therapy:
2 hour session £240

I was inspired by some new transformative techniques that enable people to release the pain from the past and help the part of us that is often referred to as our inner child, who become frozen in time during periods of deep trauma, extremely effectively and quickly. 

I have written in detail about them in a chapter called "Spiritual Inner Child Healing" in the book

Link to the chapter

for you to read for free...


Compiled by

Andy Tomlinson 2011

Inner Child Healing


During the first 7 years of our lives we are like sponges and we absorb and develop our unique internal belief patterns based on the information and behaviour we consciously and subconsciously  observe from those around us. These people are most often our parents, siblings, grandparents, teachers and we also learn from the programmes we watch on TV. 


The subconscious part of our mind that creates our internal beliefs and programs however doesn’t judge whether the incoming information is  ‘right or wrong’ and therefore any thing that we experience whether it is positive and helpful or negative and destructive to our overall health becomes a part of us. We can be indoctrinated by the beliefs of others, for example religions that say if we do a bad and commit a sin we will burn in Hell! 


However as small children we form our beliefs about ourselves very early on. So if our parents show us a lot of love it is easy for us to believe we are loveable and worthy of good things. However if we are abused, beaten or regularly told we are stupid unloveable we grow up believing that is the truth about us; That we are not enough, no good for anything, stupid and only worthy of abusive relationships.

"It is necessary to own and honor the child who we were in order to Love the person we are.

And the only way to do that is to own that child's experiences, honor that child's feelings, and release the emotional pain energy that we are still carrying around."

Robert Burney

Early Traumas and Fears Create Phobia’s and even serious Dis-Ease

Phobias can also be developed during these early years, for example, imagine you are a small child feeling terrified, stuck up a tree or at the top of a climbing frame and feel the extreme feelings of fear, they are registered and logged in the subconscious part of the mind where a new belief is created, related to feeling terrified being high up. Associations are made to a number of things from this scene so that any time anything similar happens the subconscious mind attempts to protect us from what it perceives could be dangerous for us. So years later we might stand on a balcony and once more feel terrified even though in our rational mind we know we are perfectly safe. The fear we feel is all consuming and often causes rapid heart rate and perspiration as our adrenaline levels soar triggering the fight and flight response kicks in. No willpower or common sense seems to be able to overcome this fear and the only course of action that seems to work is to avoid the situation.


As you can see phobias are easily created, and the good news is that by visiting the subconscious memory using the trance state of Hypnosis and current life regression we can access the initial event and transform the memory using our grown up or adult perspective and erase the old belief and put a new one in that helps us to function positively from that point onwards.


This is also true for beliefs about ourselves that were formed as a result of the way we were brought up. these beliefs often cause a feeling or state of 'Dis-Ease' or disease in our body and can cause a whole range of common diseases like cancer, chronic fatigue, heart disease, an so on....

If for example we are struggling in our relationships we may have an internal belief we are unloveable and we can also regress right back to the very first time our little self or 'Inner Child' developed this belief and again using our adult perspective we can update this belief, developing a new understanding about the circumstances of our childhood and we can realise we actually are loveable and create this new positive belief here in the safety of hypnosis. We also can add some unique and special qualities that will truly enhance our lives. For example we can give extra feelings of confidence and strength amongst many others.


Clients who have been on antidepressants for years have felt a new sense of freedom and naturally happy as if a black cloud has been lifted in often in just one session.


People with massive confidence issues - become naturally relaxed and more confident and start really enjoy life again.

How Does Inner Child Therapy Work?

With many of these early beliefs and patterns it is possible in hypnosis to regress right back to the very first time our Inner Child developed this belief. Using our adult perspective we can reframe this belief, and then develop a new understanding and perspective about the circumstances of our childhood and replace the old belief with a new and empowering belief. We can start to remember that we are deeply loveable and create a new positive belief patterns about ourselves at a deep unconscious level that will start to manifest into our external reality i.e. our everyday lives. We also use the hypnotic trance to state to integrate some special qualities that are inherent (but sometimes forgotten) within us, such as feelings of self-confidence, strength and self-acceptance amongst many others.

Inner Child therapy is a simple and safe process which often results in powerful life changing transformations.

How Many Inner Child Therapy Sessions Do I Need?

Often one session of inner child therapy will produce a tangible shift for clients, however sometimes we may need more than one session. The number of sessions is assessed and agreed on an individual basis depending on the nature of the issue. Most people notice a huge change which is very noticeable in their lives after 2-3 inner child therapy sessions. .

For specific emotional issues or for a range of medical diseases such as Cancer, we will most likely need more than one session, but usually within  3 or 4 sessions you will notice a huge shift in the way you feel about yourself and other aspects of your life. Symptoms can go now the root of them has been heard and transformed.



I have never felt such a oneness and peace with myself ....


I wanted to thank you once again for a wonderfully positive experience - I have recommended you to a friend of mine and have a couple more to encourage to book appointments with you. I saw you at the right time for me, just as I was losing more energy and hope. I learned so much on Thursday and will be forever grateful for your gift of empowerment.

You truly are very skilled and effective. You have changed my future. I now feel I can commit to this lifetime. It will make an unimaginable difference to how I live. I now have two feet on this planet instead of one - Your tremendous gift and insight will free so many more souls to continue their journeys to self-knowledge and the Light. Thank you so much
TH Somerset




Thank you Hazel for that amazing Inner Child Healing session. You truly have a gift! xxx 


C Nettle Bristol

I would like to thank you for the inner child work we did. The shifts in me have been massive and I am left with a sense of being grounded and centered. I have never felt such a oneness and peace with myself before. Please feel free to use any part of the inner child work you did with me to help inform others of the life changing benefits. 


Jim L Canary Isles

It's so much time that I wanted to thank you but i have been so busy in these days... so i'm writing only now.

Thank you so much for your inner child session, it has been so empowering!!

I came back in Italy with a new strength! And it's incredible how things are moving so fast now.

The incredible thing is that I have been offered the chance to live and work with a friend and his big house is exactly the big white house i have seen during your hypnosis!! :) With a big garden, olive trees and view to the sea! :)))

It looks like I can work part-time with my position in Turin and also do some days work each week in Genoa... just like in the hypnosis! :)


Francesca Vivioli -  Psychotherapist - Turin, Italy

I can't thank you enough for today.

I knew I had some inner work to do and I'm so pleased I did it.

You are very professional and knowledgeable and my experience was more than I could have hoped for.

Thank you so very much xx
Hayley ~ Stroud

Hi Hazel,


I have been making such positive steps – the child with tantrums seems to be keeping a low profile!! 😊


I’m feeling a lot better with myself after our “exploration”

Many Thanks


Hello Hazel,


It was such a wonderful experience, I feel full of love, thank you!


I can see a big difference even my husband sees a difference, I am not getting angry anymore.


Thank you Hazel You are wonderful, keep in touch.! 💚🌸💋


Blessings, Linda 

Hi Hazel, I keep thinking of you and that I must get in touch to tell you......... It's wonderful incredible amazing news!

We are pregnant!!!! I can't completely believe it to be honest, but I know something is definitely bubbling away in there. It is of course very early days so we are just taking each day as it comes, but we are completely over the moon and so full of love and gratitude.


Thank you so so much for the session you gave me I deeply believe it helped give me the right mindset and internal space for everything to fall into place. From the bottom of my heart thank you!


I hope you don't mind I have passed your details on to 2 of my friends who have been struggling with pregnancy, one has had a number of miscarriages and the other has had one. They are both beautiful souls and I thought might find it good to see you. I hope that was OK.


Hope you are enjoying the sunshine! Really look forward to catching up soon. Lots of Love Lisa P, Hampshire  xxxxx

I went in believing that past life regression would help me open inner doors, that my own personal blocks and sabotages wanted to keep shut. I can say the magic and miracles that can, and did occur, before i even left the session was amazing. I believe even the simple action of being willing, and allowing yourself to open up to someone so embracing as hazel, is in itself very powerful. 

On leaving and switching on my phone, not one but two, separate voicemails offering one temporary and one permanent solution to an unresolved and on going practical problem with my business that had been going on for years, came like two buses within an hour of each other, and specifically, during the session.


Then a few weeks later more synchronicities occurred immediately after receiving inner child healing, which in its simplest form is an extremely beautiful and overwhelming experience with Hazel.  I arrived home to my wife who was sorting out a room we were temporary using for ‘storage’. She told me to close my eyes an open out my hands. She placed in them a photo of myself and my sister holding hands when we were about 5 and 6 years old, in the mountains of old Italy. Even now I am deeply struck and emotional by this visual gift of the inner child I was hugging earlier in the session with Hazel just a few hours before, that came from god knows where, in such a timely manner to perfection, with matters relating heavily to my sister.


If that wasn’t enough synchronicity, later on my wife asked me to hold my hands out again, and this time it was a large rose quartz that I had been looking for for years, but could not find. That also timed itself with a message out of the blue, from my niece, who was reminding me how to cleanse them.

Since meeting you Hazel a few months ago now, whenever things overspill out of my head, I have this inner dialogue that I’m expressing them to you!

So much thanks Riccardo

Hi Hazel,

I do not know how to repay you for the session we had earlier this year, because my life is completely


Before I had my session with you I was depressed, anxious and saw no future for myself at all. My life is 100% better since we had the first session together. I feel like a completely different, freer and more confident person. I now have a very sweet relationship with my Mum - it has vastly improved and I enjoy being with her now. I have also met an amazing man. He is a widower with two small children ages six and five who are gorgeous. I am absolutely over the moon! We are very much in love, I am able to speak my truth with him and he appreciates me in a way I have never experienced before! Guess what, I have been promoted just like we saw in the session. I am also being paid more – quite a lot more! I have also painted a picture of all those beautiful balloons to remind me of all these life-changing qualities inside me now.

I don’t know how to thank you enough for this miracle. I am referring you to all my friends ...

Sue P Bristol

This is an incredible and brave testimonial from a very very special lady, about the healing work she has done, to help and reunite her lost Inner Child.


Hi I'm Linda although now days I prefer to be called Lynne,

I was a victim of child abuse, now as an adult I have been fully healed.
I have spent a good few years working on transforming my past. I chose to get help when I could no longer hold it all in my mind, my mind was full and locked.

I, as a child had buried so deep all the hurt and trauma of my life, as each trauma came I would bury it and as each one happened I added it to my box and I placed the box deep in to the back of my mind.

Soon the biggest problem I had was finding it all because I not only locked it away, I lost the key too, little me threw away the key, so she could forget.

To sort this all out I knew I needed help but this was going to be hard I trusted no one. I never have, none of the social workers I had. I could never open up because I was to scared, too frightened to speak, a little girl lost, alone and scared of all the threats.

I had never found the right person so I kept quiet I was silenced by cruel threats that children believe, the words echoed in my head, 'shut up, don't tell or else.'

This was until a event in my life changed things, my husband died suddenly and so I had to lock his memory away too but there was no where to put them my box was not only full but I had lost the key.

It was then I knew I needed help, so a new help came, not a social worker, i had tried that, but a hypnotherapist, a lady called Hazel.

I remember my first session I was of course not sure but it went well and what was strange a voice in my head instead of saying 'shut up' it said 'it's ok Linda you can tell now, it's time to trust.'  and so trust started to come, it took a while and there were times it was so very hard but I stuck with it.

I had to find Linda, the inner me and join her back with Lynne the adult me,
I had separated myself from her, I blamed her in a way.


My inner child was a troubled little girl who suffered abuse she also had to keep it all quiet and not say a word, her secrets were that kept under lock and key her abusers saw to that along with tags she already had, were new ones that said 'be quiet, shut up the bogey men will get you.'

I was bought up in a rough area in a council house on a estate where children were seen and not heard. I was brought up a catholic with strict beliefs, if you were good God would let you in to heaven, if you were bad the devil would take you to hell.


I believed this, my abusers knew I would and would use it to their advantage, saying if I was good my mum in heaven would be pleased, such a cruel thing to say, especially since my mum died when I was five years old.

As an adult I had a my own issues, I hated men, I never trusted any one I had nightmares in my early adult life.  I was withdrawn, I had dreadful flash backs.

So then with Hazel, I began the search to find little me. My inner me was hiding, blaming herself for it all, feeling quilty and ashamed. She was scared and frightened to speak it would take someone special for her to open up too that was someone special was to be an angel her name was Hazel Mary, in my inner child's mind she had blue wings,  she would coax Linda to speak and in time that's what I did, for the first time I spoke about my abuse it took time and patience, but eventually I told it all and there was a lot to tell. Then finally, inner me was connected to adult me my inner child feels happy and so much more healed and so am I.

When I started the process of finding all that I had locked away it was hard and challenging, but eventually when I realised the importance to join me back with my inner child I had to do it. Hazel is the only person I have ever trusted enough to share what happened to me with.


Now I want to help others who have been abused. Help them to safely unlock the secrets and feel free and whole again.

I had to do it for my little lost girl who could not tell anyone what was happening or ever cry. She was the part of me that needed help the most, she was a child who was trapped in pain. Now we are one, my little inner child and me are the same, she's me and I am Linda, I just prefer being called Lynne.

Lynne Smith, Bristol

I am Love

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