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Easy Quit

Smoking & Vaping

Reinforcement Session MP3 Included

As an ex smoker myself I know how difficult the thought of stopping smoking can be it is as if giving up cigarettes is like giving up a best friend, they have been with you through thick and thin always something to turn to.


However a life free from smoking is a life of freedom. Better health, more money in your pocket, no need to worry if you have enough left for the rest of the night, no more being judged, no more bad breath and sticking clothes. No more huddling outside in the freezing cold just to get a fix!!


Hypnotherapy helps you to change an old program that is running in your subconscious mind that currently says “I am a smoker” into a new program that says “I am a non smoker” in many ways it is as simple as that! By going into a trance I can access the part of you that creates the beliefs about yourself and help you to update it into the one you are now ready for.


Hypnosis has been recognised by the British Medical Association as the most effective way to give up smoking. The most important consideration for you is that you are keen to stop smoking and prepared to give up forever. This can sometimes feel like a daunting thought, when cigarettes have been a big part of your life for many years. This is a normal feeling and hypnosis really helps you feel very differently about your relationship with tobacco.


Hypnotherapy works like an amplifier for your motivation and your will power. When you really want to do something, such as giving up smoking, then hypnotherapy can boost your motivation and the power of your will -- all the way up to the level that you need to succeed. 


Ultimately, it is you that stops smoking, and hypnotherapy makes it easier. You are in control at all times. You will be peacefully relaxed and fully aware of what is going on throughout the whole session. Indeed, if you are expecting hypnotherapy to render you unconscious you may even wonder, 'Am I really in hypnosis?' The answer to that question comes afterwards, when you find that the desire to smoke has mysteriously vanished! 


The appointment lasts just 2 hours and after the first 30 minutes (which are complimentary) we can both decide if we would like to continue. The stop smoking programme costs £250 in total. (for many of you that is just two weeks cigarettes!!)

All information is regarded as confidential, whether it is personal or of a business nature. Please see the confidentiality agreement in the questionnaire.


The appointment consists of a short discussion, to uncover relevant information, which can be incorporated into the hypnosis session. Please smoke your ‘final’ cigarette before your appointment and bring your cigarettes, and lighters with you. At the end of the session I will give you a recording of a reinforcement hypnosis session, which you may play at any time to reinforce your commitment to remain a non-smoker forever.


Once we book an appropriate time for your session I will ask you to fill in this questionnaire and email it back to me before our 2 hour session. Then smoke your last cigarettes before you come and prepare to enjoy life as a non smoker!!

For further reasons to inspire you to quit, do read this article by Joseph Mercola

What Happens to Your Body When You Smoke?

Also there is good news... as reported by What Doctors Don't Tell You Magazine

Good news for ex-smokers: it's a myth your lungs never recover. In fact, your risk of lung cancer drops dramatically five years     after quitting, researchers have discovered.

The discovery should give further motivation to smokers to stop, say researchers from the Vanderbilt University Medical Center;    "if you smoke, now is a good time to quit," said lead researcher Hilary Tindle.


The researchers analysed the results of 8,907 participants in the Framingham Heart Study, who had been tracked for up to 34 years. In that time, 284 people developed lung cancer, 93 per cent of whom were heavy smokers, and had smoked at least 20 cigarettes a day for 21 years or more.


But the risk dropped 39 per cent five years after quitting, and the risk continued to fall in following years—although the risk of lung cancer was still three times higher after 25 years compared to people who had never smoked. Four out of every 10 cases of lung cancer occurred in heavy smokers who had quit 15 years earlier.


(Source: JNCI: Journal of the National Cancer Institute, 2018; doi: 10.1093/jnci/djy041)

Freedom is yours....


I just wanted to tell you that my husband Brian is still not smoking after visiting you back in March! 


We are thrilled as he was 20-30 a day since 1965 and he is now a non-smoker, but best of all he is a changed person, he's healthy, happy, active and really nice to be with - and a little richer too!  Thank you so much - we are recommending you to all our friends!


I however would now like to come to you for weight loss - could you send me the details.

Thank you

Hi Hazel,


Just a quick email to say thank you for the session and it has now been 15 days with no cigarettes!! It feels amazing! i was in Bristol last weekend and had a huge night but still no smoking! Everyone is very impressed and i'm starting to really feel the benefits now!


Smoking.....I worked it out, do you know I smoked for almost 30 Years !.... and after that one 2 hour session with you last year I've had just a handful of cravings in the last 12 months, I've saved nearly £2,500.00 and I'm more Gorgeous than ever .........

I love You!      

Thanks Hazel David    ~x~x~x

Hi Hazel,You have moved into legendary status!! Had the big test on Friday went out and had... lets say 'an extensive' amount to drink and not one cigarette!! I feel the cycle has finally been broken feeling better everyday!! Coughing a little but it is getting better....Big Thank You

Hi Hazel, I thought you’d appreciate a note from me to let you know that I am smoke-free and loving it still after 3 months! My friends and colleagues stink though, which is a bit of a shame!* 


I’d like to let you know how very comfortable my session with you was.  You made me feel totally at ease; something that is hard for me to feel sometimes; so thank you.   

Hope all is good for you, I’m glad to have met you.

Hi Hazel,

 I just wanted to report in on progress about 1 month post the group hypnotherapy session that you held here at our offices for the 5 of us.


 I'm pleased to say that since the session I haven't touched a cigarette, nor have I really felt any desire to smoke! I have on the odd occasion felt something which is more like the loss of an old friend - but definitely no terrible cravings, and no giving in to the smoking demon.


 I feel quite sure of myself when I say that I am 100% certain that, thanks to your help, I am totally cured and feel sure that I will never smoke another cigarette. In truth it's been so much easier than I ever expected it to be that I keep wondering why I never really tried to give up before!! 


To explain just how cured I think I must be... on Friday morning as we were en route to my Dad's 70th birthday party, a tractor ran into the side of Rob's car and never stopped, it just carried on. The tyre was burst and a couple of panels damaged. I was driving; it was the first long journey I'd driven in his car; his car's a Porsche (yeouch!) - and I didn't even want a cigarette then!! Now if ever there was a time when a recent ex-smoker is going to crave a cigarette, I think it surely would have been then!


Rob is obviously delighted and also very proud of me. So all around it's been a huge success and a great relief to have finally kicked the habit. I actually think that the daily routine of my smoking was harder to break than the social aspect of smoking and that having managed to break the routine, the rest is plain sailing. Fingers crossed...


 So I just wanted to say a huge thanks - I am so very, very pleased to be able to say that I'm a non smoker, and all without the terrible trauma and suffering that I expected!


Dear Hazel


I am just writing to confirm that my friend is absolutely thrilled that he has stopped smoking following his hypnotherapy session with you. He had been a smoker for a number of years and had tried a number of other methods without success.


He also says that he now has no desire whatsoever to smoke and is particularly pleased since he hopes to be running in the Bristol Half Marathon later this year.

Thanks SO much :)


I don't know what you did or how you did it, but you did something I didn't think possible; I am a non smoker. Thanks Hazel, we are giving out your number left right and centre!  Take care

Hi Hazel

 I thought I would send you a quick note to let you know that my dad has not had a cigarette since you came to see him. That is 28 days now!  I am afraid he will not give you the credit because he says he has done this himself! I wanted to thank you because I am sure you helped…….. or it is just an amazing coincidence!

Thanks a lot

Hello Hazel, I am doing well thank you. I am still not smoking, 5 months since our session. Work colleagues have commented how well I am looking these days so . 

CELEBRATE - Now it is your turn! 

Information for you for after your session!

If you weigh up the advantages and disadvantages of being a non smoker, you’ll always come up with the same conclusion – only an idiot would choose to be a smoker. This is something that all smokers know, even if they continually protest about free choice and the like.

The trick is to always remember this fact now you are a non smoker. You are not making some sort of sacrifice, because, smoking does absolutely nothing for you at all - other than destroy your health, empty your pocket, make you smell and considerably shorten your life.

You are already aware of the benefits to be gained from quitting the habit, otherwise you would not have thought of doing so in the first place: the trick is never to have any doubt about how much you wanted to give up, otherwise you’ll make yourself feel thoroughly miserable, wishing you could have a cigarette. And even more miserable if you do have one.


Don’t avoid smokers or rooms or situations where people smoke – instead just look at them and be pleased that you have achieved something they haven’t. You don’t need substitutes and you don’t need to keep a packet of cigarettes in a drawer somewhere ‘just in case’; either of these protections will only serve to convince your subconscious that stopping is difficult and it isn’t.And dismiss any feelings that you are being deprived of something – you are actually gainingsomething, not losing it: you are gaining extra energy, extra wealth, extra health, and extra life.


Even though you have had the benefit of hypnosis to help you stop easily, you might possibly experience some sensation of craving or need during the first few days…that feeling of ‘I wouldn’t mind a cigarette’. If it exists at all, it will be far less than if you were trying to quit by will power and will last only a few seconds if you really want to stop. This is because the body can only maintain any sensation if it is constantly stimulated: Instead of saying to yourself: I’d really love to have just one cigarette,’ say ‘Thank goodness I’ve stopped smoking.’ If you really want to stop, you’ll find this easy, and any feeling of craving will simply disappear like magic.


Don’t try not to think about cigarettes – it’s impossible, because in order to try not to think about something, you’ve got to think about it in the first place to know what it is you’re trying not to think about!

You might think about cigarettes – and you might not. If you find yourself not knowing what to do with your hands, take a pen and a piece of paper and write ‘I do not smoke’ several times, to occupy yourself. It is also worth remembering that you can rid any craving feeling in the mouth by simply rinsing out with iced water or sucking an ice cube (water or fruit juice cubes).


The most important thing of all to remember: 

You’re not sacrificing anything or being deprived of anything, because cigarettes or tobacco do nothing at all to improve your life. So there’s no reason to envy those who still smoke: They’re still ‘hooked’ and still destroying cells in every part of their body at an accelerated rate. They are literally still killing themselves.


Within a fortnight the urge to smoke will have disappeared completely and you will be well on your way to becoming healthier, richer, more energetic and living longer.


Drink plenty of fluids to flush out the toxins released after you stop.


Remember to take high dose Vitamin C and Vitamin B for at least 2 weeks– You can get these from any good health food shop. Ask for 1000mg controlled release Vitamin C take 4 of these a day – they are perfectly safe and will boost your immune system, which will have been damaged by smoking and will help to ward off colds and other ailments as your body recovers. Vitamin C also makes it easier to give up.

Also take a good Vitamin B complex, which should contain B6 and B12. The vitamin B complex will help you deal with stress.


Information on Constituents of Tobacco


Nicotine is the most widely known chemical in tobacco smoke, but may people are amazed to discover that there are over 4,500 other chemicals produced when tobacco burns. Most of these have incomprehensible names and are really only known to scientists and chemical analysts. Listed below are some of the more well known ones.


















METHYL NITRATE              









In addition to these chemicals – given off purely as a result of the tobacco leaf burning – there are various additional unwholesome substances that may be present as a result of the plantation environment and the conditions in which the harvested leaf is stored and shipped.


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