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“If we all did the things we are capable of, we would astound ourselves.”
 Thomas A. Edison”

The "Radiant Souls" approach to hypnotherapy training focuses on the ‘whole person’, that is the physical, emotional and spiritual attributes along with the person as an energetic entity.

We would like to welcome you to the Foundation Level course in Holistic Hypnotherapy, this will be the first step on your journey to being a practitioner, you will be able to see clients and obtain insurance at this level, however I will fully encourage you to take the Advanced Training once you have qualified and practiced your skills and I will also suggest other trainings with me or other training schools suited to your unique passions.


As the principle trainer of this exciting and life-transforming course, which I have been running for over 13 years, I am absolutely delighted to be able to share my knowledge and experience with you as I am passionate about all aspects of hypnotherapy as a non-invasive and extremely effective holistic healing modality for everyone. 

This Foundation Course course offers the freedom to experience first-hand personal transformations that you can then relay to your future clients.

Foundation & Advanced Level courses in Holistic Hypnotherapy


The Foundation level courses in Holistic Hypnotherapy offered by 'Radiant Souls' has been assessed and accredited at Practitioner Level by the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council (UK). 

Graduates from the Foundation Level Course may register with the GHR at Affiliate level


Basic Certification Hypnosis Training

4 Day Skills and Theory Accredited

with the GHSC Course
Next non-residential course: UK
Date: 26 - 29th April 2019


Barrow Gurney,

Bristol BS48 3SF, UK

Advanced Hypnosis Course

Advanced Certification Hypnosis Training

4 Day Skills and Theory
Next non-residential course: UK
Date: Summer 2019 Dates TBC

Please let me know if you are interested.


Barrow Gurney, Bristol, UK



Hypnosis Course 2019 DNA.jpg
Inner Child Healing Course

4 day training on Current Life and Inner Child Healing Skills and Theory

Iincluding: Inner Womb and Rebirthing techniques.

Back to Soul contracts and Source of Issue, Transforming Abuse.


For fully Qualified Hypnotherapists and Regression Therapists only.


Next 4 day non-residential course:
Date: Summer 2019

Please register your interest.



Barrow Gurney Bristol UK




I really loved training with you! As a bonus I can't believe the change in me as I'm so much more positive and feel incredibly blessed to have met you.


DG Wales

These learning experiences not only gave me the opportunity to discover additional techniques and strategies, but also enthused and elevated my motivation, and boosted my confidence, to increase and develop my own practise.


Hazel is an excellent role model

Debbie Kendall Somerset

10/10!! This was a lovely experience run by two lovely people who clearly love and believe in what they do. Thank you both for making my stay with you so warm and welcoming, if I tell you that for years I never went ahead and joined any courses even though I really wanted to learn through fear I'm sure you'll understand when I say I loved every minute even the bits that I felt fearful of gave me something huge. 


I also used to worry when I'm dong any kind of academic work so I hope my answers are ok. What effected me most was I could clearly see how dedicated you were to helping fellow human beings which told me this was the right place for me.

The Advanced Hypnosis Course


A fantastic addition for all those who wish to add to their knowledge from the foundation course.

The atmosphere and ambience of the training venue is relaxed which assists with the study. I can’t say that the unexpected “extras” will be available for all students undertaking this course, but if they are, it’s an experience all of its own.

I wouldn’t have believed it if I’d not witnessed it for myself ….. absolutely breathtaking. Apart from the obvious things in life, I put the experience I had during the Parts Therapy as one of my top five life experiences and recommend that everyone should experience it though can’t guarantee that what I saw will be available on every course …. If it is, it’s special, almost magical.

N Searle Wales

Hazel and her assistant Katherine worked effortlessly well together in making the course fun, fascinating and information packed. 


We were made to feel immediately comfortable, despite the variety of experience on the course.  I was one of the less experienced members, yet felt at ease with the other members of the group, and my confidence improved no end. 


Hazel made this comment, which really resonated with me, and I have since used with my clients, “Remember that whenever 'stuff' comes up, and it will, that it ultimately is a good thing, and that it is ready to be released and transformed, so choose to let your triggers work in your favour as you take responsibility and delight in your own enlightenment journey!”  I love this.


Franca H London

Review of the Foundation Hypnosis Course:


I learned a great deal of practical skills....

The basics of hypnotherapy.  Effective communication with clients, leading to composition of personalised scripts.

The power of hypnotherapy in addressing a large number of issues and changing the way people think, feel and live.

The ability to turn an interest, into a passion, into a way of helping others and into a way of earning a living.


The course is extremely well thought out, structured and delivered by Hazel whose knowledge and passion for healing is limitless.  It barely feels like training at all and the 4 days flew by. I was amazed just how much I was able to do after this short course. Looking forward to the next level.


Fabulous course, beautifully delivered!  10/10!


P Cook Bristol 2015


Advanced Hypnotherapy Certificate Testimonial.


Dear Hazel,


I very much enjoyed training with you on the Advanced

Hypnotherapy course. Along with all the excellent training

is, of course, working on ourselves; such an essential and

hugely beneficial part of therapy training.


I had to write and let you know how much the practice

with our peers and the trainers has changed my life. 

You helped me discover that the Seasonal Affective Disorder, 

which had so plagued my life, was rooted in a trauma. 

What the trauma was, somehow didn't matter. I felt so relieved and have not experienced S.A.D. since! Now, I look forward to

winter and the pleasure of seeing starry skies. The healing experience alone made it worth every penny.


As always, you (and your trainers') caring attitude and nurturing

kindness were a joy and I look forward to seeing you again soon.


Yours with gratitude, 

Linda Danson BA Hons Adv Cert Hyp

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