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Attached entities can be responsible for a number of  Physical, Mental and Emotional disorders


The emerging therapy of treating spirit attachment....



‘Freeing the Captives’
Louise Ireland Frey

Spirit Release


Energy Clearance

Spirit Release is a natural process which doesn't need to be cloaked in mystery. Everything in the universe is made up of energy, spirit release simply deals with energies most of us cannot see and for the most part are unaware of. Elbert Hubbard said 'the supernatural is the natural not yet understood', so let me explain a little from my understanding. I'm sure our human perspective is only the tip of the iceberg but hopefully you'll find the information useful and perhaps fill in a few gaps as this is a topic which is often unclear and can therefore sound far-fetched and scarier than need be.

Spirit Release is really all about how external energies can, on occasion, affect our energy system in detrimental ways.


For those 'in the know' spirit release is generally thought of as rectifying the problem of ghosts or spirits becoming attached to our own aura or energy system or taking up residency in our home or a place such as the scene of a traumatic death. This is really just a small part of it, we are affected by external energy we cannot see everyday. Heat from the sun on your skin is obvious but how about when someone stands too close to you on a packed tube or in a crowd? You may feel they are touching you although they are not, you may feel uncomfortable or anxious although there is no threat, you may even feel emotions that aren't your own - all of these feelings are due to your energy system which comes out a little way from your physical body coming into contact with the other person. It's not as odd as it sounds, we come into contact with other peoples energy everyday but we register the feeling that goes with it on an intuitive level rather than consciously. Think about being near someone you love and are 'in-tine' with, how good that feels; then think of being near someone who you don't get on with or is displaying a negative emotion, do you want to take a step back? This is all completely natural and something we generally don't have to think about, this blending of energies is how a psychic can tune in to you, all information about us is also stored in our energy system.


On occasion our energy bodies can be influenced by other external energies though. Below I'll talk about spirit attachments in terms of those that have died but there are other factors to consider. Certain places hold strong energy imprints due to events that have taken place there, strong emotions can also be stored in places or an area. Thought is energy, if someone keeps putting out very strong thoughts, whether good or bad on some level we'll feel them. Curses fall under this category too. In the West curses are often thought of as myth and fantasy but our thoughts and actions can have severe consequences on our health, not just our own but those we direct our thoughts at. Love is such a strong emotion, how many times have you heard people say they can 'feel' the love coming from others. In a crowd situation such as a wedding, concert or sporting event the atmosphere rises and falls with the mood, it's palpable and can be felt inside us effecting our own energy.


Using this concept as a framework it can be seen how easily our energy, and therefore us as a whole, can be affected and influenced through external energy. There are some energies that are harmful to us though, these zap our strength, can be detrimental to our health and generally be very draining. They can have anything from a minimal to massive and debilitating affect us. Whether the source is natural energy from a place, negative energies from a place/person or from a discarnate soul the goal of spirit release is the same - to remove, cleanse, re-balance and restore the person/place/soul to optimum health and to prevent the problem happening again.

Hi Hazel


Thank you so much for today, what an experience. I am absolutely wiped out now and soooo tired. Spirit release and healing of such a significant past life! 

I truly know that today has already made all the difference to my life, thank you.  You are a shining light in this world.

Oh and I also meant to say, the energy from your crystal is immense I could feel it every time you moved it over me.


I will keep you updated with how things go....


Much love

SM  Wales

Freeing yourself.....

Ghosts & SpiritsIn every culture all over the world there have always been stories of ghosts and spirits. They range from the comic to the tragic; stories of helpful spirits, mischievous ghosts and frightening poltergeists. Horrifying accounts of possession and haunted houses with the capability to evict their terrified owners. Whatever your belief system you'll probably have heard at least one or two stories, perhaps from people you know well, that cannot be easily explained. There is in fact an extensive amount of evidence to prove something paranormal is going on, but what? If these are 'ghosts' why are some helpful and others petrifying, are they really the same thing? Also if life after death is as good as we're told why do they remain here and for what purpose?


Is death the end?

When we die our consciousness, the soul, survives death. Although we leave the physical body behind, our energy body which is the very essence of us lives on and changes to a vibration more appropriate to not having a dense physical body. We are still 'us' though, we take with us our life experiences, memory and personality - it's simply the inner part of us, our consciousness that survives death.


They say the only certainties in life are death and taxes, isn't that the truth?! One thing we all have in common is that at some point in the future we will all inevitably die and our energy body will move on. When we are born there are people there to help us, we're not expected to do it alone; the same applies when we die, we are supported and helped throughout the process - all we need do is let it happen.


If not what's next?

When this transition is complete we become 'spirit', a perfectly natural state even more so than inhabiting the bodies we have now according to those who communicate with spirit and from the thousands of documented cases of near death experiences and Life between Lives Regression sessions. In this state we are capable, if appropriate, to help and 'be around' those we were close to and loved whilst alive. Our vibration changes considerably, it's therefore not always an easy task to get the message across. Communication from spirit is generally felt fleetingly with an inner 'knowing' or thought popping in to your head, they may appear in dreams or provide a 'sign' relating to the information they want to impart. They may simply want to let people know they are still near, safe and well. Mediums have the ability to 'tune in' to this vibration or frequency and can often supply wonderful evidence of life after death.


How does free will play a part?

There is a universal law, the law of free will; in life we all have the right to choose in everything we do even though it doesn't always feel like it. The same law applies after death, we cannot be forced to do anything we don't want to, freedom of choice is always ours. This does mean however a minority of those who die fail to make the transition successfully. They remain mentally and energetically attached to the earth plane and so cannot progress, their souls become what is known as 'earthbound' more commonly known as ghosts. Reasons for this can include a traumatic death, anxiety over a loved one or situation, concern over unfinished business, strong beliefs which do not fit in with the events unfolding, fear ('I've been bad, I'll go to hell').


Choosing to remain earthbound?

Earthbound spirits reject the help being given to them, they choose instead to stay close to the earth, their vibration being still similar to our own as the transition into spirit had only just started. Many earth-bounds are in a state of confusion and denial, some replay events over and over, it's as if time has stopped for many of them whilst they remain in this limbo state. To them 'spirit' appear like ghosts to us and they shy away from them not realising they've come to help. Earth-bounds can generally see us and be around us just the same as before, in fact many are very confused and saddened by the fact people seem to be taking no notice of them or they may even think everyone is ignoring them.


A common problem?

It's worth noting many of us have unfinished business when we die, spirit helpers are compassionate and understanding, if we need more time, sometimes up to a few days or in rarer cases weeks before we're ready to move on it's often granted. As long as the link is kept with spirit and not turned away from souls have been able to stay for their own funeral or to see their loved ones are taken care of and will be ok. This isn't simply speculation, there are many documented regression sessions which support this theory. These souls are not earthbound, you could say they are simply living on the earth plane on borrowed time. I mention this as many of you may have lost loved ones in the past and felt their presence strongly afterwards, or received a sign from them in the days and weeks after their death. Do not worry, this is perfectly natural, only a small percentage of people remain earthbound and they normally have a very good reason, or to them it seems like a good reason at least.


So what happens to earthbound spirits?

With nothing to do and no where to go they may stay in a property that holds fond memories for them such as their home or on occasion their workplace. In cases of a traumatic death they sometimes remain at the scene of their death. They may feel more comfortable remaining with a person, perhaps a loved one or someone who was close by and compassionate at the time of their death. Sadly addicts who remain earthbound tend to attach themselves to other addicts as they believe they are still dependent on the drug they were addicted to in life. There can be many reasons, earth-bounds can easily attach to complete strangers who unintentionally have some form of hook which attracts them, perhaps they are bursting with the energy which the earthbound can benefit from or perhaps there is a link of a shared emotional, such as loneliness or anger.

Earthbound spirits can therefore attach to people or places, we call this spirit attachment.


How do I know if I'm affected by a spirit attachment?

The presence of earthbound spirits can affect people in a number of ways. The following is a sample of some symptoms that might indicate the presence of an earthbound spirit(s) or negative energies. Please note the presence of one or more of the symptoms do not mean that you have a spirit attachment. However, the more of these symptoms and the stronger they are, the higher the probability.


  • Lack of energy

  • Mood swings and character changes

  • Hearing disturbing voices

  • Abuse of drugs and/or alcohol

  • Impulsive behaviour

  • Memory disturbance and/or poor concentration

  • Sudden onset of anxiety, depression or physical problems with no apparent cause


Earthbound spirits tend to be more obvious in homes and places. There are elements of truth in the old ghost stories, lights do often dim, it does feel like the warmth has been sucked out of the air and it can make our skin creep. Items can be moved and spontaneous smells or noises can appear. In simple terms this is all due to energy, they generally aren't trying to be scary, the vibration level they are at is not compatible with our own so a warning bell goes off inside us when they are close making us feel unsettled and anxious. To make contact they natural draw on the energy around them, heat and electricity are often used, it may feel strange and a little dramatic but understanding this fact goes some way to seeing how those old ghost stories came about! More often than not they are simply trying to get our attention and need help. Like a child though they will kick out if ignored indefinitely, imagine how frustrating it must be to be an earthbound spirit. This is one of the reasons we must help them move on to their rightful place for their own benefit and ours.


How can a spirit attachment be removed from a person and/or place?

By a professional, someone specifically trained in this field. Mediums link in with the vibration of spirit, a Spirit Release Practitioner has trained, or developed their natural ability to tune in to this lower earthbound vibration. I've heard of techniques to remove earth-bounds from your own energy system however it's far more practical and a lot easier to employ the skills of someone who knows what they are doing! Your energy levels will be depleted and unless very careful you could simply be opening yourself up to even more joining you.


I have learned how to recognise when spirit release would be appropriate and how best deal with such cases. The philosophy of the Spirit Release Foundation is that of a gentle approach recognising the plight of earthbound spirits, they can feel upset, frightened and confused too. Most simply feel lost and are glad someone has finally come to talk to them and help them. Rather than just casting them out which unfortunately conventional exorcism does we help the earthbound spirit move on to where it should be, often using our abilities as healers and even counsellors to ensure it is their own choice and free will that moves them on to where they should be, preventing them from attaching to someone else or returning as can happen with exorcism. In doing this we heal both the person and/or place and the earthbound spirit.

Whether the attachment resided with a person or a place once it has been removed the energies are cleansed, re-balanced and healed from any damage caused unintentionally by the earthbound spirit. The reasons for the attachment in the first place are addressed too and tools are given to prevent this occurrence happening again.

Far from being scary most releases are actually quite peaceful, full of information, understanding, humour and love.


Spirit Release Treatment

A spirit release session is really not as freaky or frightening as it sounds. It's a comfortable, safe and simple process. All you have to do is sit in a comfortable chair and relax. The treatment can take many forms, depending on the nature of the symptoms, energies or spirits involved. Each situation is unique, most cases can be resolved in 1-3 sessions, I recommend separate healing sessions too to correct any damage to your energy system and re-build with strong positive energy.

During the session we like to find the root cause of why the attachment joined in the first place if we can as sometimes it's an indicator of something deeply buried within us which also needs healing.

I'll also teach you techniques to reinforce your natural protection to prevent more attachments in the future.

Treatment is safe, you'll feel a whole lot better afterwards and gives you the tools and understanding to protect your own energy system and put protection around loved ones and your home.












Spirit Releasement – Soul Journey Part 4 of 4

Clearing earthbound spirits that attach themselves to people is discussed by reincarnation explorer Andy Tomlinson and a spirit releasement is shown. 

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