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“He who looks outside,
He who looks within,
Carl Jung

We are Awakening

Hazel Newton
Evolution Coaching
This is my absolute passion, for us all to individually and collectively enjoy our evolution journey.
My dream is to assist and encourage you to go within and access your own inner wisdom, your higher self and to also provide you with access to conversations with evolved spirits of light, who can help to teach you how to do this most effectively. Give you assistance to help you to expand your energy field, raise your vibratin harmony with the new energy on the planet and master your own evolution.
One of the ways this is possible is through an ongoing dialogue with various highly evolved spirit guides, ascended masters and energies from higher dimensions than ours, who are offering love, support and guidance during these rapidly evolving times here on our beloved planet Earth.
I am creating events in the UK, where you will have the opportunity to come and be in their energy, take part in the healing processes they bring forth and ask your own global questions.
You can link with exceptional colleagues of mine who channel this guidance, on this website you will be able to find out more about them, feel into who you resonate with and connect with any of them in person or skype, for personal questions or healings. 
I shall also inform you of channelling courses, where you can be supported and expertly guided to learn to get in touch with your own innate abilities to connect with your higher self and high frequency energies. 
If you are local to the Stroud area, I host a channeling group, one evening a month, that you can apply to join. The group will be guided by a highly evolved Spirit Guide, or Master being, we will be exploring many processes to assist in evolving and expanding our energy fields and activating our DNA and Kundalini energy. The Guide will also be doing profound energy healing and cleansing of our energy fields.
We explore topics such as the concept of releasing our karma, as we no longer are contracted to continue with outstanding karma, even if we planned it before we incarnated.
We shall also be gathering for more whole day Channeling events throughout the year, with various topics, themes and channels.


Please register your interest with me if any of these events or sessions sound interesting and resonate with you. 
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Collaborating  &  Awakening

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