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About Hazel

I am passionate about the journey of the soul, reincarnation, our own inner wisdom and connecting with our guides, ascended masters and other high frequency energies. I am also very keen to communicate with our galactic friends and family, and long for the day we can welcome them to Earth. (Although, I do also know they are already here!)

I have spent the last 16 years as a hypnotherapist, regression therapist and trainer, which has been a remarkable and fulfilling journey for me and I have enjoyed working with clients and students immensely.


As a ‘World Bridger' and the Projector in Human Design, archetype, I am absolutely thrilled to be assisting in raising the awareness and accessibility of the wisdom from our incredible spirit guides, masters, and our own inner guidance, through events, training courses, books, recordings and other many other modalities.


I shall be continuing to create a more comprehensive website, (currently in progress), and social media pages to keep everyone informed on events, interviews and introduce channels they may wish to meet or listen to.


My dear father, Peter Watson Jenkins, who recently passed back in to spirit, has written many channelled books with a dear friend of ours, Toni Ann Winninger. (My father was a former Parish minister and Toni was a senior prosecuting attorney, oh how times change!)


Meeting Toni and speaking to the Masters that channel through her was my first experience of channeling and I was simply blown away by what the Masters were able to share with me. I immediately asked if I would be able to work with channels and they said ‘Oh yes absolutely’ Since then it has been quite uncanny just how often I meet people who are able to channel, or together we discover that they are able to. Many of these amazing people are now my friends and my passion is to be giving them a platform, to so that they can connect with like minded people who are ready to hear from the guides that come through them and also develop their skills.


I intend to run exciting Channeling events, just like Revelations  2018 & Beyond, which was a phenomenal sell out event that we held on January 7th 2018. We also held Revelations 2 - We are Awakening in April 2018 and Revelations 3 - The Evolved Human in October 2018

I love being in the role of the facilitator, asking and feilding questions from the audience to help access relevent information from the Guides. Future events will also focus more on teaching you skills and techniques.


Also we hold local local evening groups in the Bristol Stroud area, so we can continue an ongoing dialogue with channels and work to develop our energy body, learn telepathy, connect with our inner wisdom and prepare in the very best way for our ongoing awakening and evolution.


I look forward to sharing this exciting cosmic journey with you!










Hobbies and Passions
My Grandsons
Family and Friends
Organic Food
The Ocean
Skiing/ Diving
Raw Chocolate
Gene Keys
Audio Books
Conversations with God
Travel and exploring
Farmers Markets
LSU Foundation
Mission Lifeforce
Eradicating Ecocide



I am blessed to have 3 incredible grown up children and four little grandsons whom I utterly adore. 


I love to be just about anywhere outside in nature, roaming the beautiful countryside near my home, or in the mountains, by the sea. I also love to explore sacred sites, being with like minded friends, dancing, juicing veg and fruits, walking, skiing, playing tennis, waterskiing and just relaxing and taking in a wonderful view.


I love to go to seminars and workshops and listen to inspirational people. Constantly learning and updating my knowledge and skills. I feel blessed to be a perpetual student!!

Registered General Nurse Since 1982

Qualified Counseller 1995

Clinical Specialist until 2003

Hypnotherapist since 2003

Regression Therapist 2004

LBL Practitioner 2006

Hypnotherapy and Regression Therapy Co-Trainer with the Regression Academy since 2007 -2012

Founder Member of the Spiritual Regression Therapy Assosciation

Accredited Trainer and Supervisor with the GHR

Co-Owner of Training School, The Centre For Life 2013 -2017

Radiant Souls Revelations Channelling Events, 2018 - to date.

Speaking Engagements
& Events


Delores Cannon London UK Tour

2010  & 2011


London College of Psychic Studies ~ Talks

2010 & 2011


Positive Living Groups 2010-16
Bath, Glastonbury, Bristol, Frome, Stroud, Bournemouth, Verwood.


Gaunts House Summer Gathering

2011 & 2012


Who On Earth Am I? Seminars

Nailsea 2012, Bristol 2013 & Glastonbury 2014


Unity Now  Workshops

London, Bristol, Bath, Manchester

2013 & 2014

Penny Brohn Cancer Care Centre


An insight in to Past Life Regression Workshop

Heaven Sent Spiritual Centre

Sept 2016, October 2017, October 2018,

Oct 2019

Revelations 2018 & Beyond

Stroud January 2018

Revelations 2 - We are Awakening

Stroud April 2018

Revelations 3 - The Evolved Human

Stroud October 2018

Revelations 4 - Ascension Consciousness

Stroud March 2020

Revelations 5 - 2020 - Its a Big Deal

Stroud January 2020



Opening Presentation

at Delores Cannon

UK Tour

Glastonbury Festival

Love is all there is

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