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Trusting the Big Picture

I have been watching and observing the news coming through non corporate media streams, regarding the Dakota pipeline. In SO many ways it is shocking to see the violence and corporate greed in action and the FORCE of the police, despite treaties and agreements protecting the indigenous peoples, their land and resources.

As the people of the world are watching all this unfold I have been observing the strength and courage of the Indigenous people and supporters at Standing Rock. I wanted to share how important it is at this time of immense challenge to keep your vibration up by trusting in the overall much bigger picture, the awareness of certain 'truths' about our Western world, that this situation, amongst many others, is bringing to the people of the world. I am also witnessing the waves of compassion and support from the 'people', the global citizens who are waking up to the truth of much that has been hidden in the past.

The globally publicised awareness of the shocking militarised brutality here, is what will propel and assist us all in transforming our world. The old ways of a small fraction brutally controlling people through force and injustice are coming to light for the world to fully observe. We are finally able to share the truth as it is happening, so we can actually observe with our own eyes the corruption, greed and bullying that has in fact been present for centuries. We have the opportunity now, through situations like this, to collectively stand up for our sovereign rights as global citizens.

I would like to invite you to pay attention to your own emotions and resulting vibration, please keep your vision for peace high, hold strongly to the light and stay in the frequency of trust and love. It doesn't help us as a collective, if we go into anger, fear or low energy states. Instead we can positively feed the collective energy, the morphogenic field by keeping our own frequency high.

If we all had a much higher perspective of the shift in consciousness that is currently taking place here on Earth, It would greatly help us to understand why, what appear to be unimaginable things, are happening. From the wars, politics and the endemic poisoning of our planet and our own race as well as so many other species, with GMO's, chemicals and other substances. if we had access to our pre-birth agreements and soul contracts, our chosen life lessons, the purpose of all of our lives here at this time on Earth we would find great comfort.

I believe we are here ultimately to raise our consciousness high enough for Humanity to take a quantum leap into a higher paradigm of living and experiencing being human. For us to acknowledge and heal our collective shadow states and move into our inherent gift states as our DNA evolves and enables us to experience many new abilities such as telepathy and manifesting our desires faster than we have currently witnessed.

Certainly my life perspective has shifted considerably in the most helpful and enjoyable way since diving deeply into this way of thinking and believing. It has been greatly assisted by reading, contemplating and starting to embody the wisdom I have found in the Gene Keys, a transmission recorded by Richard Rudd and highly talented, humble yet evolved English man. Do look at the short introduction video on the home page.... you will be hearing more of the work of the GeneKyes in my Blog. I feel it is one of the best ways for us to contemplate our own level of consciousness, activate our DNA and lift our life experience into higher realms.

To be continued.....

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